GoRollick Bonus Savings FAQ's

For Rollick Dealers & Affinity Partners


1.  What is GoRollick Bonus Savings?


Bonus Savings is a Rollick-funded package of additional benefits created exclusively for GoRollick program users who purchase a powersport vehicle, RV or boat at a Rollick Certified Dealer and report their purchase. It is marketed within the program as ‘Up to $1,300 in Bonus Savings’. The package includes:


For customers who buy at Rollick Premium Certified Dealers


  • $150 Gift Card with purchase
  • Up to $1,000 in Insurance Deductible Reimbursement Benefit (IDR)
  • 10% off Parts, Service, Accessories (average value of $150) 


For customers who buy at Rollick Standard Certified Dealers


  • $100 Gift Card with purchase
  • 10% off Parts, Service, Accessories (average value of $150)1


1Funded by dealer as part of the standard offering to Rollick customers. 


Here is the landing page we created on our GoRollick program sites that contains consumer-facing messaging about Bonus Savings and instructions about how to report their purchase to receive their benefits: https://gorollick.com/r/report-purchase/landing.


And here is an excerpt from the landing page that defines the Bonus Savings package for program users:



2. When does Bonus Savings launch?


Bonus Savings launches on April 1, 2020. 


3. What is the Insurance Deductible Reimbursement (IDR) benefit? 


If your customer insures their vehicle with an insurance company and gets into an accident within one year of enrolling in the program, this policy will allow them to submit a reimbursement for any insurance deductible they pay, up to $500 twice during the first year. The total potential value is therefore $1,000.  Note that the official start date of the IDR benefit is the date that the customer reports their purchase. 


4. How does a customer redeem their Bonus Savings package? 


The customer must report their purchase on this page: https://gorollick.com/r/report-purchase/landing. Once the form is completed, the Rollick Concierge team will verify the purchase and deliver an e-gift card to the customer via email. The customer will also be enrolled in the IDR benefit effective from the date they reported their purchase. Rollick’s partner for this benefit, Assurance Plus, will subsequently mail out an enrollment package with details about how to file a claim.


5. Is there a deadline by when the customer must report their purchase to get the Bonus Savings package? 


Yes, the customer has 30 days from the date of purchase to report their purchase and receive their Bonus Savings. 


6. Are there restrictions on who qualifies for Bonus Savings? 


Any Rollick affinity customer is eligible, however they must:


  1. Submit an introduction request (i.e. lead) to a Rollick Certified Dealer via a GoRollick affinity buying program site at least 24 hours prior to purchasing the vehicle. 
  2. Buy the vehicle that is on the price certificate (or similar vehicle) at the same Rollick Certified Dealer within 21 days of receiving their price certificate.
  3. Report their purchase within 30 days from the date of purchase at https://gorollick.com/r/report-purchase/landing.


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Any questions regarding the GoRollick Bonus Savings package can be sent to Adam Lasker at adam@rollick.io