Best Practice Survey Template

Best practice for any survey is to know just the right number of questions to ask your customers.  The goal is for the survey to not be too cumbersome yet be able to capture the appropriate information to help gain essential data about your product and improve the sales and service practices of your dealers.

We encourage all clients to ask at least two Overall Satisfaction (OSAT) questions, relating to overall satisfaction with the product and overall satisfaction with the dealer, as well as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) questions.  It is also best practice to invite the customer to provide their email address, enabling you to build your contact lists for marketing or promotional purposes.

Survey Questions – Most Commonly Used

  • OSAT (5 or 6 response choice question) 
  • NPS (11 response choice question) 
  • Multiple Choice
  • Free Text
  • Overall Satisfaction Questions - Five Choice Question/Six Choice Question.  Here you are asking the customer to rate their overall satisfaction with the product, its performance, overall satisfaction with the dealer and their performance, etc.  Please note, a six response choice question allows for the additional option of N/A, where five response choice does not.  Reporting uses a mean score calculation which is an average of a set of given numbers.

OSAT Question Example

OSAT Reporting Example

  • NPS Questions – 10 point question, typically used as the Net Promoter Score question:  “How likely are you to recommend a friend or family member for this product or dealer?”  Reporting for this uses an NPS calculation which is Promoters-Detractors/Total Responses using the following scale:

NPS Question Example

NPS Reporting Example

  • Multiple Choice Questions – This is where you provide the customer with response choices they can select within a question.  They can choose to select many or just one, but they are given “choices.”  Reporting for this type of question enables you to see the percentage of customers that have selected that specific choice.


 Multiple Choice Question Example

Multiple Choice Reporting Example

  • Free Text Area – Typically used for “Other” option where the customer can expound, provide other choices, or give additional feedback.  Note – if Required Field option is available, DO NOT use in a free text area.

Free Text Area Question Example

  • Validated Free Text Area – Used to collect the customer’s email address.  This enables the email address the customer provides to automatically update within the registration record.  It is best practice to include this field/question on every survey.

Validated Free Text Area Question Example

Regarding the questions you have selected, please inform us which questions you would like to trigger a Hot Alert and at what score they should trigger.  A Hot Alert will indicate that the customer is dissatisfied with something and action needs to be taken.

Most commonly used scale for a Hot Alert:

  1. OSAT question (5,4,3,2,1) typically will trigger on a response of 3 or 2, meaning they were less than satisfied.
  2. NPS question (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1) typically will trigger on a response of 6 or below.

Required questions:  Making questions on your survey required is optional.  Please keep in mind you cannot make personal information questions required.