Survey Non-Responses

Understanding Your Survey Non-Responses: 

The Non-Responses grid displays all initial and follow-up surveys that owners have not responded to. 

You can use the Filters on the left side to find a specific registration or group of registrations by Sent date, Survey Type, Serial Number, etc. 

To see more data on the grid you can click on Expand to see more information. The grid shows useful information such as Survey Type and Date the Survey was sent. 

This grid is helpful to contact owners that have not responded to increase your response rate. You can also click Export to export the data to an Excel file. 

How to Resend a Survey:

 1. From the Survey Non-Reponses grid, click into the Owner.

2. Click Resend 

3. A box will pop up that asks when you would like to resend they survey. The resend date will default todays date, you can choose to resend a survey at a later date if needed. You can also choose which notifications you would like to resend. You can choose to resend the Survey Invite, Reminder Invite and Final (mailed) Invite. You will need to enter the reason for the resend and then click OK.


Note:  There is a per registration fee connected to a survey resend.  Please check with your Account Representative for more information.