Satisfaction Best Practices

There are definitely some simple steps you can take to help improve your scores. We've listed out a few of our top recommendations.  We  have some excellent communication pieces that you can use for training, meetings, informative mailings for your team, etc.  They can be found here and here.

Empower Dealers

1. Empower your dealers to engage with customers post-purchase

  • They are receiving hot alert notifications, but are they doing anything with them?
  • Are they reaching out to their customer informing them of an upcoming survey?
  • Are they following up with their customers that are praising their sales and service?

2. Make sure all dealers and personnel are properly trained

  • Are your regional managers trained on how to effectively use the Aimbase platform?
  • Have your dealers had any training?
  • Do your dealers have access to the Aimbase platform, if so, are they actively logging in and utilizing the tools available to them?

Resolve Issues

3. If issues have been resolved with an unhappy customer and they wish to complete the survey again, resend the survey, this will only help to boost your scores.  Survey resends are performed at an additional cost, but they have proven to be very effective and well worth the small fee.

  • We have a new feature called Issue Resolution that helps you manage and track all hot alerts that have been received.  The dealer is responsible for managing the issue directly with the customer. If the customer states they are satisfied, the issue is resolved and closed.  If the dealer doesn’t resolve the issue, it escalates to the manufacturer.  All issues are stored within Aimbase, providing resolution status, comprehensive tracking of all actions that have been taken and a robust reporting.  You can find more detailed information within this link.  If you would like a 15-minute demo of this feature, let us know! We are here to help. 

Follow Up With Customers

4. Follow up with customers that have not responded to their surveys, resend the survey if necessary.

Call Campaign

5. Call Campaign to help increase scores and response rates. We have done this in the past for other manufacturers, where our Concierge's team will call your customers who have not responded to their Initial Survey and take the survey responses over the phone.  The manufacturers have seen a significant increase in their overall response rates from these call campaigns.   Please note, this does not guarantee an increase in scores but does provide an increase in your responses/response rate.

We will attempt to reach the customer 3 times, after that, we will make no further attempts to contact. You are ONLY charged for survey completes, not customers contacted.

This is a great way to get a few more responses and help push you closer to qualifying status.  We can pull all non-responses from the Aimbase Platform and work from that list.  You have total say in how far back you would like for us to go, whom to call, specific product category/segment to focus on, and if you want a complete survey response or just the 3 OSAT questions.  We can do as little as a handful of calls or hundreds calls.  It’s up to you.

Our Concierge's team can also call a client’s list of survey responders that qualify as detractors and/or passives, attempt to resolve their concerns, and get then get them to retake the survey. 

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

6. It's easy to forget about customer experience since Aimbase is so helpful, but we strongly encourage you to take an active role in ensuring you get as many positive responses as possible! There are some easy ways to get the most out of your satisfaction experience.

First and foremost: Make sure you get the customer’s email address!

  • Educate your customers about the satisfaction program—let them know that their feedback is important and encourage them to complete the surveys
  • Make this a part of the sales closing process

Aimbase Notifications

7. Utilize Aimbase notifications that are emailed to you. 

  • Upcoming survey notifications
    • Dealer contacts receive emails when a customer is getting a survey soon, this is your opportunity to reach out and encourage them to provide feedback and fill out the survey
    • PROBLEM: Your best customers and closest friends are often the people who are LEAST likely to return completed surveys because they simply assume you already know they’re happy. Take the time to call every customer and follow-up, especially your best ones.
  • Hot Alert
    • Dealers will receive Hot Alerts if a returned survey indicates a low satisfaction score with some aspect of the sales or service experience
    • Thank customers for feedback, resolve the issue they experienced and connect with manufacturers to resend the customer survey once the issue is resolved.
  • Completed Survey Notification
    • The dealer receives an email notification when the customer has submitted a survey response
    • This is your opportunity to thank the customer for filling out the survey to maintain a positive relationship
  • Perfect Score Alert
    • When a customer submits a survey response with a perfect score, the dealer also receives a notification that this has occurred
    • Make sure you follow up and thank that customer for their patronage and for filling out the survey

These are just a few things worth mentioning.  There are other strategies that manufacturers use to incentivize their customers to complete surveys, and/or incentivize their dealers based on scores. Interested in more strategies for improving scores and boosting response rates? Contact us at for some strategic help today. We’d be glad to assist you.