Creating Dealer Contacts

How to Create Dealer Contacts:

(Setting dealers up to receive email notifications such as hot alert and upcoming survey)

1. Click on Dealers tab

2. Use the filters to search for the dealer by dealer number or name, and click Run.

3. Select that Dealer by clicking on their information

4. Click on Contacts tab

5. Click on Create

6. Complete required information – making sure the ‘Active’ field is marked with a ‘Yes’. Keep in mind that if you have a typo within an email address, you'll need to make the incorrect contact inactive and create a new contact with the corrected email address.

7. Contact Types will provide a drop-down box when you click into it, click on the notifications you would like for them to receive. Adding a contact type is optional. If you choose to assign one to a contact, that contact will automatically receive the notification associated to the contact type. If you choose to not assign a contact type, then the contact won't receive any notifications automatically. Instead, it will be an available option from the lead details page should you need to reassign a lead to a different contact at a dealer location.

8. Save Changes

PRO TIP: If you're utilizing such email notifications as Unopened lead alerts and/or HIT activity, make sure you have created a user account using the same email address as the dealer contact. In order to view the detail of these notifications, the recipient must be able to log into Aimbase.