Intro to Aimbase: Logging in and More

Welcome to Aimbase!

This beginners guide will help you get acquainted with Aimbase and all it can do to help provide superior marketing technology for your business. 

So let’s get started!

Step 1: Logging In

You will be provided a personal Aimbase URL specific to your business. To log in, go to that URL. You should see this page:


NOTE: If your manufacturer is utilizing single sign on (requiring users to access the system through a separate portal), the details in this article are not aligned with how single sign on users will access the system.

Enter your username and click Next. On the subsequent page, enter your password and click Login. 

Please consult with your Aimbase representative if you do not have these credentials.

If you do not know your username, you can find it in the account creation email you received from the system. Below is an example of how that email appears in your inbox.

Step 2: What type of Aimbase do you have?

Are you using Aimbase for Marketing or Satisfaction? Not sure? Are you using Aimbase to keep track of  prospects and  leads? Then you likely have a marketing install! Are you using Aimbase to keep track of and send post-purchase surveys? Then you likely have a  satisfaction install. And yes, you can have both, in fact, we hope you do.