Survey Responses

Understanding Your Survey Responses: 

All of your survey responses are shown under the Responses Tab in Aimbase.

You can use the Filters on the left side to find a specific registration or group of registrations by Response date, Sent date, Survey Type, etc. In the Survey Responses grid there are a number of helpful columns. If you click Expand it will show all of the columns. Here is a highlight of some of the newer columns: 

  • The Disposition column shows if the survey triggered a Perfect Score, Hot Alert or Completed (neutral score)

  • The Manufacture Sentiment and Dealer Sentiment columns show the NPS (Net Promotor Score) sentiment


  • The Survey Response Source shows how the survey was received, for example if it was from an emailed survey invitation or if an owner mailed in the survey

To see more information about the survey response click on the owner on the Survey Response grid. This will show you their response, to see their survey in more detail click on the hyperlink next to View Survey. 

How to Non-Report a Survey Response:

Why? Say a customer accidentally thought the scale was reversed and submitted a negative survey when they were genuinely happy with the product. Count this survey response as out. Here’s how:

1. Click into Responses tab

2. Filter to select the exact customer you wish to non-report

3. Select that customer by clicking on their information

4. Click on the, ‘Exclude from Reporting’ tab

5. The system then prompts you to state your reason for exclusion

6. Click OK and you are finished


NOTE:  This function requires corporate permissions.  If you need to Non-Report a survey response and do not have permission, please contact your manufacturer.

How to Resend a Survey: 

(This functionality can be done within the Responses and Non Responses tabs, if a survey is resent from the Response Grid the original survey will automatically be non-reported)

Why? If that customer that accidentally thought the scale was reversed would like to accurately report their satisfaction with your brand, you can resend the survey so they can try again. Or if a customer’s email has changed, or if they accidentally deleted the email notification. There are options!

1. Click into the Non-Responses tab

2. Filter to select the exact customer you wish to resend

3. Select that customer by clicking on their information

4. Click on the ‘Resend’ tab

5. A box will pop up that asks when you would like to resend they survey. The resend date will default todays date, you can choose to resend a survey at a later date if needed. You can also choose which notifications you would like to resend. You can choose to resend the Survey Invite, Reminder Invite and Final (mailed) Invite. You will need to enter the reason for the resend and then click OK. 


Note:  There is a per registration fee connected to a survey resend.  Please check with your Account Representative for more information.