Satisfaction Overview

Aimbase is here to help make life easier and your business run smoother. One of the awesome ways Aimbase does this is through automated customer experience (Satisfaction) implementation. Interested? We thought so.

What is Satisfaction?

CX is an abbreviation for customer experience, formerly known as CSI (customer satisfaction index). This is a program that utilizes surveys to measure post-purchase satisfaction with a brand’s products and purchase experience.

How does Aimbase manage your Satisfaction Program?

Aimbase automates the entire process for customer experience. All you have to do is import the names and information of the customers who purchase your products (registrations), and they are automatically set up to receive surveys. The survey responses are sent back to Aimbase where you can easily view and measure the results.

The program typically conducts two surveys, one immediately after purchase and one approximately a year after purchase. This allows insight into not only the buying process but also the longevity of their satisfaction with the product.

To date, over 900,000 surveys have been sent to customers and over 250,000 customers have taken the time to tell us about their satisfaction with their new products.

Why have a Satisfaction Program?

The information gathered from these surveys is shared with manufacturers, who can then use it to improve the quality of their products, develop support programs, tracks trends, and monitor and advance their customer satisfaction efforts. This all leads to an increase in brand awareness and approval.

Let's not forget about the dealers.  The Satisfaction Program measures sales and service performances of each dealership location.  Incentives can be granted based on dealer's quality of sales and service provided.  Manufacturers can measure the overall performance of their dealers.  There is so much insight to be gained from the feedback the consumer can provide and this Satisfaction Program can provide that.

Marine-specific Satisfaction Awards Program

In 2001, a team of National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) member companies came together to create a program that would raise the bar for boat owner satisfaction, improving the overall customer experience to ultimately support long-term growth opportunities for the industry. As a result, the Marine Industry Customer Experience Program was created!

You can access all participants, press releases, winners of the NMMA CSI Award and Marine Industry Dealer award, etc. on the NMMA site.  The latest press release can be found here.

This program provides a uniform measure of customer satisfaction across the full range of boats and engines in the recreational marine industry. Manufacturers can now gauge customer satisfaction with their products and across the boating industry.

As the largest source of consumer satisfaction information in the marine industry, The Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index Awards program provides consumers with an unbiased source of information regarding the satisfaction opinions of their fellow new boat and engine buyers.

Why should I join the NMMA Satisfaction Program? 

Plain and simple? So your brand can benefit from the recognition you have earned. Sounds good, yeah? Here are the nitty-gritty details.

Each year the Marine Industry Satisfaction Awards program honors participating manufacturers that actively measure customer satisfaction and pursue continuous improvement to better serve the consumer. Award recipients achieve and maintain an independently measured standard of excellence of 90 percent or higher in initial customer satisfaction over an annual award period. This measurement is based on survey responses provided by customers purchasing a new boat and/or engine.

Program participants are recognized for their efforts if the following guidelines are met:

  • Companies must be participants in the Marine Industry Satisfaction Program and adhere to the guidelines of the program in implementing ongoing measurement of customer satisfaction.
  • Participating manufacturers must survey a minimum of 80% of new boat buyers during this period.
  • Survey responses received within the calendar award year are included for award consideration. 
  • Participants must have received a minimum of 25 responses for the recognition period and boat/engine category.
  • Participants must have a score of 90 or above (on a 100 point scale) on Overall Satisfaction with the boat or engine as appropriate.
  • Smaller company? No problem. If you sell less than 100 units per year and have received at least 15 responses and a score of 90 or above on Overall Satisfaction with boat or engine as appropriate.
  • Recognition is based on responses from the Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Index Program's initial survey (not the follow-up survey)

All winners are recognized on the Boat Satisfaction site -  This site is consumer facing and can assist in identifying quality brands within their area.  Each award winning brand has their own page displaying awards for each year qualified, a little background information regarding the their brand as well as links to their website.  For those manufacturers that collect ratings and reviews, the reviews can be found within this site as well.  You will also see Dealers that have qualified for the Marine Industry Dealer Award.   The Boat Satisfaction site is an excellent resource for consumer boat purchases.

Are Dealers awarded for their sales and service?

We thought since we were already capturing excellent information from customer's survey responses, which included ratings on dealer's sales and service, we should honor dealers for their exemplary performance as well.  And this is how the  Marine Industry CSI Dealer Award began.

The Dealer Award was established in 2016 based on input from the industry steering committee to utilize dealer data captured in the current marine industry CSI program

The Committee wanted to recognize dealers based on individual brands they carry but also on an aggregate score of all brands they carry who are measured in the current CSI program

Dealers of brands who are both in the full service CSI program or in the audit portion of the program are eligible to participate

Dealers are recognized for their efforts if the following guidelines are met:

  • Dealers earn award based on an OSAT Dealer CSI score of 90% or above
  • Dealers have two ways to earn
    • Single brand in the full service NMMA program with 5 responses for sales category and 3 responses for service category and a 90% score
    • Aggregate score of 90% based on all brands they carry who are in the full service program
      • Minimum of 10 responses
    • Dealer earns an award that displays dealer’s name with brands dealers carry who achieved 90% or above
      • Note: A dealer who earns based on an aggregate score can only display the brands carried that achieved 90% or above

Dealer winners can also be found on the Boat Satisfaction Site.  Each year the list of winners is updated and reflects only the winners for that award period.  This too is an excellent resource for the consumer in locating that dealer in their area that provides exemplary sales and service.

And there you have it.  So, we ask, why wouldn't you want to join our team and let Rollick, Inc., manage your Satisfaction Program?  If you do have any questions or would like to gain further insight into the CX Program, please feel free to contact us at