Understanding the Registration Grid

  • Apply filters, search and select specific Registrations 
  • Click on Owner to see more information  

How to Manually Create a Registration: 

1. Under Registrations click the Create + Tab

2. Enter as much information as you have. All fields marked with a red asterisk(*) are required

3. Make sure you scroll all the way down to complete everything

4. Registration Source will be Aimbase

5. Choose Registration Type based on the the type you are entering

6. Click Save Changes at the top left

How to Import a Registration: 

1. Prepare your Excel CSV file, the data in Green are required fields 

2. Click Administration > Imports > Registrations 

3. Choose the CSV file you have prepared then click Next

4. Scroll down to the Preview (Top 10 rows). Match up the headers in the drop down to the headers in your spreadsheet

5. If there is a header that does not match click the down arrow to the headers available in Aimbase and select the one that matches your header. For example, my header says Product Year, I will need to select Product Model Year

6. After assigning any headers Click Next at the top left

7. The Remaining Unmapped Fields page is next. Anything with a red asterisk(*)  is required. Click Import after all Default Values are selected

8. To check your registration import for any errors click Administration > Imports > View

9. From here you can see the number of Record imported and if there were any errors

10. If there are any errors, you can click into the import, sort by the Staging Status Type for Error, click into the Error

11. Click Log and that will show you why the error occurred 

How to Edit a Registration: 

To edit an owners information in a registration click into the registration. On the left hand side click Edit.

Update the information and click Save Changes.

* To upload an entire file of registrations via FTP please click here for more information

* To Reassign a Dealer or Delete a Registration please contact your Account Representative