Using the Lead Reroute Report

The lead reroute report allows you to see metrics related to the lead rerouting functionality within Aimbase. If lead rerouting is not enabled within your install, this report will not be available. 

Watch the Full Lead Reroute Report Training Video

Lead Reroute Dashboard Tab (1:15)

To use the report, first choose your reporting time frame. The other available filters for the report are Dealer Name, Dealer Number, and Brand. Filtering by dealer number on this report will be especially helpful to confirm or disprove if there are areas of improvement to aim for, for specific dealers.

Selections you make on each of these will effect how data is displayed across all tabs of the report. 


The first section on the report displays key performance indicators. Within this section you'll be able to find metrics reflecting total number of leads, the number of leads that were rerouted to a different dealer, the percentage of leads that have been viewed, and the percentage that have been rerouted.

Leads by Stage

Within the next module on the page is a graph that displays leads by stage. Within this graph you'll notice that the various stages reported are Rerouted, Viewed and Not Viewed. The data on this graph defaults to reporting the metrics by week.

If you hover over each colored section of a bar you'll see a tool tip appear to show you details about the data represented by that particular color.

Lead Reroutes by Period

The Lead Reroutes by Period graph allows you to more easily see trends in increases and decreases in leads being rerouted or viewed. In most cases, the lower the percentages of leads rerouted, the better your dealers are performing. 

Time to View Lead

Within the Time to View Lead report module data is bucketed into three time frames: less than 8 hrs, 8-24 hrs, and more than 24 hours. This graph presents what percentage of leads were viewed within a specific time frame. Ideally the bulk of your data would be represented by the dark blue portion of the bar, noting the dealer viewed the lead in less than 8 hours.

Reroutes by Lead Type, Source & Brand

Within the last three modules on the Dashboard tab you'll find data reported by the categorization type of the lead. This allows you to see if there are patterns that occur based on dealers viewing or not viewing leads with a specific type or source more frequently than another.

Lead Reroute by Dealer Tab (9:00)

Before beginning to use this tab of the report, remember that whatever filters you've setup for viewing data on the previous tab will still apply. 

Leads by Dealer and Stage

Each bar on this module represents a single dealer within Aimbase. Note that if you have multiple locations for a dealership, each location is likely to appear as its own bar. On this graph you're able to see for each what percentage of their leads have been rerouted, away, viewed by the dealer or not viewed.

In the example below you'll notice that none of the dealers have any leads that are not viewed. This could be a common occurrence because for a lead to be not viewed it must be currently assigned to a dealer and have time left on the clock before it is rerouted. Depending on how frequently your leads reroute, you may not see much orange on this graph. 

Reroute Averages

The second module within the Lead Reroute by Dealer tab is a great tool for noticing trends. Each dark blue bar indicates how many leads were assigned to an original dealer within the time frame (in this case each bar equals one week). The mention of original dealer is important in this case. Depending upon your reroute frequency and the number of dealers a lead can reroute to, a lead could be assigned to many dealers over the course of a week. By reporting leads assigned to the original dealer only, it helps understand the actual volume of unique leads each week.

The light blue line displays the average number of leads assigned to a dealer each week, whereas the orange line notes the average number of leads rerouted per dealer each week. In the case of the graph below, the two lines indicate that as lead volumes increased, fewer leads were rerouted to other dealers.

Reroutes by Dealer and Brand

Finally, the last module within the Lead Reroutes by Dealer tab give you the most granular look at each dealer. For each dealer you're able to see at a glance the total number of leads assigned to them, how many of those leads were rerouted away from the dealer, how many the dealer viewed, how many were not viewed, and the Viewed percentage. Remember that in this case Not Viewed would indicate that a lead is still live within it's rerouting cycle and eligible to be rerouted if the dealer does not view it before the clock expires.