Getting to Know the Survey Response Detail Report

The survey response detail report helps you see each survey response for the time frame for which you've run the report. 

Watch the Full Survey Response Detail Report Training Video

Choosing Your Time Frame

In order for the report to run, you must first select a time frame and a survey type. When selecting a time frame, you have the option to choose from MTD (month to date), YTD (year to date), rolling 12 month, rolling 4 quarter, and custom. If choosing custom, it must not contain more than one year's worth of data.

Once you have populated your fields, press run, and your results will display below. You will see each individual response record received within your selected time period. The beginning information is your typical registration data. Displayed with each record will be the customer information, model, dealer, date of survey completion, etc. Beyond that, you will begin to see the survey responses for each individual question.

Exporting Your Data

In the bottom-right of your screen you can select how many records are displayed. If you are trying to view multiple pages worth of data at a time, it might be helpful to export this data into an Excel spreadsheet for a more user-friendly view. To do this, you go to the top portion of your report and select Report Actions, click on Export Report and you will see you are given two different options, PDF or Excel, my preference is the Excel format. Select Excel and click OK. The spreadsheet will download to the bottom left of your screen.

Creating Custom Reports

Within the Report Actions, you can also create a custom report. If you have a specific report that you run on a weekly or monthly basis, it might be helpful to utilize the custom report option. Doing so allows you to retain the filters you regularly use and you can run this at any point in time. Make sure you have all your filters populated then select Report Actions and Create Custom Report. You are asked to name the report. For our example I will name it Becky and then press OK.  

You will then see this report within your report list under the Survey Response Detail.  Open it up and press run, and there you have all your data.