Reporting on Issue Resolution

This report tracks the number of issues by resolution status, owner satisfaction and the average days to resolve. Included in the metrics are charts that show trends by month and the surveys, dealers, and products most involved with issues.  With this report you will also gain insight into how your dealers are managing their issue tickets.

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Reported Issues (01:40)

At the top of the tab are the default filters that control all subsequent tabs of the report. These filters give you the ability select a specific date range, dealer number, name, brand, etc to narrow your data.


The first reported data on the tab are KPIs. Within this section are key metrics such as total number of issues, open issues, issues in an investigation phase, resolved - satisfied and resolved - not satisfied. This section provides a high-level look at where your issue tickets stand with your customers and will give you a starting point for understanding if customers are satisfied with the customer service they're receiving when issues arise. 

Issues by Status

The issues by status bar graph indicates total number of issues that are open, closed and those that are still being investigated. You’ll notice if you hover over a specific block or color, a tool tip appears which displays the number of records being represented by each color in the bar.

Issues by Status, Resolution Status & Owner Satisfaction

The pie charts offer you the ability to see how the number of tickets within each status compares to your total number of tickets. The chart on the far left, Issues by Status, displays the total number of issues by their status of either closed, opened and/or investigating, allowing you to see the percentage that each source represents.

The pie chart in the middle, Issues by Resolution Status, displays the total number and percentages based on issues resolved or unresolved. Resolved issues are defined as closed issues where a resolution has been made. Those that are unresolved fall into various statuses; opened, investigating and closed.

The third pie chart on the far right, Issues by Owner Satisfaction, displays the level of satisfaction for the resolved issues. This chart allows you to see, at-a-glance whether or not your customers were pleased with their experience. The Unknown portion of the chart displays those issues that turned out not to be an issue, no resolution was needed and generally, the issue is closed.  

Issues by Survey, Dealer & Product

The final three charts in the first tab allow you to see the total number of issue tickets per survey type, dealer and product. This allows you to determine if more issues occur during the sales/delivery or service of a product, if a specific dealer appears to experience more issues than others and if a single product stands out from the rest as having the most issues, which could help to understand where improvements should be made.

Closed Detail (11:55)

This tab provides a more in-depth look at your issue tickets by period. With this view you can see the current status of your issue tickets, the rate of closure and the response time. 

Resolution Status by Period

On the first chart each bar represents the average number of days it took for an issue to be closed. The line on the chart represents the percentage of tickets resolved per month. This allows you to get an idea of how your organization is trending with the management of your issue tickets.

Issue Close Rate by Period

The Issue Close Rate by Period graph displays the close rate percentage compared to the prior time frame based off of the dates for which the report was run. This allows you to get a quick view of how your organization is performing compared to prior periods.

Issue Response Time

The last graph on the Closed Detail tab allows you to see what percentage of the issues have been resolved within bucketed time frames. On the graph below you can hover over each bar to see the specifics of the data. From this graph you're able to see that 6.48% of issue tickets were resolved within less than 1 day, 27.13% were resolved within 1 to 5 days, and so on. 

Detail View (16:30)

Within the Detail View tab is a detailed view of the dealers which have issue tickets associated to them. For each dealer with an issue ticket you'll also find data reflecting how many issues are open, being investigated, closed, resolved and satisfied, resolved and unsatisfied and the average time to close each issue.